Stored User Names and Passwords Credentials Are Stored for the Lifetime of the Logon Session


When you share a folder or hard drive, if a user who does not have access to this share attempts to connect, the user is prompted for a user name and password. If the user connects successfully with the supplied credentials, and you then disconnect them from the share, the user can reconnect to the hard disk without typing in a user name or password.


This behavior occurs because the Stored User Names and Passwords credentials are cached for the lifetime of the logon session.


To work around this behavior, the user can log off or restart the computer.


This behavior is by design.

More Information

If the logged-on credential's of a user do not allow them to gain access to the hard disk when the user connects to a resource, the Stored User Names and Passwords dialog box appears and prompts the user for credentials. Even if the Remember Password check box is not selected when the user provides credentials, the user can use these cached credentials when they reconnect to that resource.

Article ID: 281249 - Last Review: Oct 23, 2008 - Revision: 1