List of fixes that are included in System Center 2012 Service Manager Service Pack 1


This article list the problems that are fixed in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1).

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Fix List:

1Setup - Cannot install on SQL 2012
2DataWarehouse - Reports do not show the relationship details when they are marked deleted in the Fact tables
3Ability to rate and comment on Knowledge Articles fails with an insufficient rights error message
4Service Manager 2012 upgrade doesn't check for availability of Analysis Server and new DataMarts
5Setup - Web Content Server needs ASP.Net 4.5 Windows Feature enabled on Windows 8
6Transform work item dimension is dropping over 1/3 of the available data during performance runs
7Transform job failed due to temp table existing in the database and cannot recover
8Wrong comment time when added from portal
9Service Manager 2012 Release Candidate - The record number can't be copied out of the form banner
10Editing an SO (maybe any kind of edit to an MP) causes the export of the MP subsequently to no longer have the icon associated with the SO embedded in the XML
11When applying a notification template the GUIDs are substituted with bracket symbols ( {} ) which causes problems when trying to pass a GUID on the query string of a URL to the portal
12VMM Connector - Virtual machine template size is not synchronized if VM template name has spaces
13Question mark character (?) appears at the end of the title when an incident is created from a message in which Q encoding is used
14An Invalid string is inserted to a subject in a specific condition when creating a new incident from a mail item
15The subject is cut off in a specific condition when creating a new incident from a mail item
16Double-click the search button in the "Assigned To" closes the console
17SQL 2012 - SCSM 2012 needs to be updated to work with the SQL 2012 Feature Pack
18ON Service Manager DataWarehouse RTM topology testing upgrade of SQL 2008R2 to SQL 2012 is blocked
19Service Manager 2012 Setup does fails to install on Windows 8 at the .NET 3.5 pre-requisite check
20When incidents are created using the SMTP connector and the title of the mail includes Japanese string, the title of the incidents will be cut at the middle of it
21The attached date of email attachment is 9 hours ahead JST when incident is created through SMTP connector
22New users submitting tickets through the Self-Service portal are not captured in Service Manager
23Service Request completed date is not present in Service Manager
24Some measures are not working in Cubes as slicing on the  outrigger is incorrect in the Calculated Member definition , we need to add the role playing outrigger
25Update the Analysis Management Objects file
26After we installed SCSM Server, setup wizard cannot be started on same machine. So that we cannot install SCSM Portal and Server on one machine
27Setup - should proceed on a system with  SQL 2012 native client
28Chargeback: Service Manager console crashes when the Associate cloud is tried
29Discovery Data Processor:  sorting algorithm causes OM Health Service Assert in Network Discovery in Windows 8
30Price Sheets - Folder Name and Location are incorrect in the Service Manager console
31MP import fails: localized xml files for all languages for Microsoft.SystemCenter.ServiceManager.Library contain reference to invalid element ID
32Chargeback: Setup- Chargeback folder containing the MPs is being copied to DataWarehouse system
33Chargeback: Setup- Chargeback import Power Shell script should spill out the Basic documentation\ version info
34Chargeback: Service Manager console : Edit link should be disabled when creating the Price sheet
35Chargeback: Service Managerconsole : Price Sheet -Price tab text fields column widths are all dependent on each other
36All clouds are shown in picker, even the clouds that already have the price sheet assigned.
37Chargeback: Custom Transforms are not creating data in the repository
38Chargeback: Setup- when the MP import fails, user should be shown the MP import error and  also success status message  should not be shown on error
39When sorting ascending/ descending on Price Sheets view the arrow on all the columns show ascending arrow.
40Grouping on Price Sheet View using the column - Status terminates the UI Console.
41Clicking Publish Task on the Task pane - pops up an error message and doesn't publish the selected Price Sheet.
42"Search for Knowledge Article" - Windows 8 Error
43Task Pane does not have the task - "Create View"
44Service ManagerCover Build installation is failing.
45Price Sheet Form header should show details for Published by, Published date, Modified by and Modified Date
46Update the SQL Native client and AMO installation requirements to SQL 2012 to enable product install
47Cloud membership cost is not included in the VM total price
48Chargeback->Installation: Could not create OM CI connector on clean Chargeback installation with SP1 products installed
49Chargeback: Service Manager console : Publish\Unpublish links should be enabled as per the Price sheet status in the form
50Chargeback: Service Manager console : when Opening the Price sheet form, General tab renders  the  "Price sheet Information "  and then it refreshes to actual contents
51Chargeback: Service Manager console : when Opening the Price sheet form, General tab renders  the  "Price sheet Information "  and then it refreshes to actual contents
52Chargeback: Service Manager console :" Unassigned Price Sheets" view is  not showing the correct list of Price sheets
53Chargeback: Service Manager console : Price sheet  Modified date is not getting set when changes are being done for Price sheet properties(description, costs)
54Chargeback: PricesheetDetailDailyFactvw Transform is not generating the data
55Unassigned Price Sheet View - Task Pane does not have the task - "Create Price Sheet"
56Chargeback->Administration->PS: Pending delete Cloud could be associated to PS
57Chargeback: Display Strings are missing for relationships
58PricesheetOwnerDailyFact: need handle the case in which cloud to price sheet association gets deleted
59Chargeback: ConfigItemChargebackDailyFactvw: Updated Vm properties are not being considered for VM cost calculation
60Chargeback: ConfigItemChargebackDailyFactvw: when a new Vm is added, the  rows corresponding to it are not getting added to the fact
61Chargeback: PricesheetDetailDailyFactvw: newly added Price Sheets are not getting added to the detail fact
62Chargeback: PricesheetDetailDailyFactvw:  Price value measure is not getting updated when the price sheet is updated
63Unhandled Exception: ... Microsoft_EnterpriseManagement_Packaging!Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.RemotableNativeMethods.MsiCloseHandle ...
64ConfigItemChargebackDailyFact: the cost and count must be switched in final fact insertion
65Form's Task Pane tasks context is managed by Selection in active View, not Form instance
66ConfigItemChargebackDailyFact: cost value is not updated correctly
67Price Sheet> Assigned Clouds tab - Assigned Clouds list does not show description
68Chargeback DataWarehouse: Null entries are shown in PricesheetDetailDailyFact and ConfigItemChargebackDailyFact
69Chargeback DataWarehouse: Inserted / Updated counts are not correct
70Chargeback DataWarehouse: UpdatedBatchId should be kept as 0 for inserted entries in all facts
71Chargeback: Update the Cube  Name,Descritpion fields , Measuregroup Name, Measure Names need to be updated
72Chargeback: when  VM is Moved from one cloud to another, its being counted in both the clouds for cost calculation there after
73Chargeback: Cloud  to Price Sheet association changes  for Cost calculation is effective from next day
74Chargeback: Warehouse Grooming info is not set for Chargeback facts
75Chargeback: Price Sheet value changes  for Cost calculation is effective from next day
76Chargeback: Report Initial settings should be modified so that refresh would work automatically- remove Prefiltering
77Chargeback: Report: Cost Center Dim Name selection need to be updated in the reports
78Chargeback: Cloud information is lost during ETL.
79Chargeback: Report dashboard - Top 3 price sheets shows more than 3 price sheets
80Chargeback: Report details - missing VM name information
81Chargeback: Double clicking on the publish task for a price sheet - fails to update the status.
82Chargeback: with VM discovery data only filled, Virtual machine info is not populated in the report properly
83Fix FxCop Warnings in Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Chargeback.VmmCloud.dll
84Dashboards need to be sorted left to right in descending order (Cost Center, Cloud and Price Sheet)
85Chargeback: Deleted VMs are not being captured during the transform
86MPBPA Warnings:
87Memory column shows rounded values, while the cost is using the decimal values for calculations.
88Chargeback:TransformPricesheetOwnerDailyFact holds the old price sheet association making the older VM's to be charged
89Chargeback:Domain.Common is being used as facts domain for Chargeback facts
90Chargeback: Chargeback Transforms are not creating the data for  missing days if the transform is not run for the day
91Chargeback:  Sort on Price Sheets using Status is not working correctly
92Chargeback:   Price Sheet name should be trimmed when creating/ editing the price sheet - blank i.e. " " should not be supported for name.
93Chargeback:  Help is not available from Service Manager console for Price Sheet
94Purging takes 1.5 to 2 hours and causes blocking
95Change Log Grooming stops functioning if a non-periodic subscription workflow is disabled by an override
96Chargeback: Excel Report does not refresh with 1000 VM data set (dashboard and details page)
97SM_Chargeback: VMM Cloud Price Sheet class does not have description and icon set in the MP
98Chargeback: Accessibility- Contrast: High/Los Contrast some of the fields/ text are not visible correctly.
99Chargeback: Glob - Number formatting not correct on SCSM UI  - Price Sheet> Price Tab.
100Chargeback:VM slice need to be removed from the sample report for better performance
101Chargeback: If Price Sheet and Virtual Machine property changes for a cloud on the same day,new price sheet values will be applied for the same day
102Service Manager setup wizard crashed on norsk language
103Unit test binaries are not being signed and causing load errors with Nunit tests
104Fail to import MP
105Windows 8: DataWarehouse power shell module import is failing  from  the SCSM Power shell  shortcut
106IT GRC Installer - Typo in Data warehouse Page
107IT GRC: Readiness Review Wizard: Unable to Proceed while entering the Review Dates Manually
108IT GRC Connector for SCCM 2012 RTM - Fails to complete
109IT GRC Transform Fails while advancing the Date on SCSM and DataWarehouse Servers
110Height issue in Service Manager 2012 Self-Service portal
111Add hierarchical support for list items (enums/classifications) in Service Manager 2012 SP1 Self-Service portal
112Operations Manager setup fails in Service Manager SDK merge module on machines w/ no .Net 2.0 - port Operations Manager fix to Service Manager merge module
113Error While importing Chargeback Management Pack Bundle
114Service Manager upgrade with portal failed
115Service Manager VMM management packs imported upgrade failed
116Chargeback: Chargeback Topology requires Operations Manager debug build that has the new virtualization library
117Chargeback: Unassigned Price Sheet view is removed from the product
118Chargeback:  Clicking publish on newly created Price Sheet  shows 'Data Collision' error
119Chargeback: Connect VMM and OM Servers” step is failing in the SMURF Chargeback topology
120User is able to unpublish price sheet with assignments to user roles in clouds (non-default assignments)
121Service Manager 2012: Console crash after upgrade from Service Manager 2010
122Chargeback: Memory is not getting charged.
123Service Manager 2012 RTM Can’t be upgraded to Service Manager 2012 SP1 after import VMM MPs
124Chargeback installation after Service Manager RTM-SP1 upgrade with VMM MPs
125Chargeback: Cloud Price Sheet Switch scenario -  2 different prices are applied to the cloud for the day when price sheets are switched
126Service Manager 2012 RTM data warehouse cannot be upgraded to SP1 when additional datamarts are not installed in RTM
127Chargeback: Failed to assigned a cloud to an exist price sheet
128Chargeback: Price sheet which is draft mode should not be assigned as a default  PS to a VMM cloud from the Cloud Form
129Chargeback: Failed to remove an User role from the Cloud Form
130Chargeback:TransformVirtualNicSnapshotFact refers to incorrect source fields and the transform fails
131Chargeback->PS Form->Assign Cloud Tab: Add and Remove buttons does not have hot keys assigned
132Chargeback: View “ServiceManager.Chargeback.VmmCloudUsage.View.All” should not be exist
133Chargeback: Sample report issues
134Upgrade Failure: System Center Operations Manager agent compatibility change
135Chargeback:InfraPricesheetDetailDailyFactvw is not detecting a price sheet deletion
136A Service Request shows different time stamps between Self Service Portal and Service Manager console
137Chargeback:HighavailabilityCount measure is not getting updated in the Infrachargebackdailyfact
138CIs->BS->All BSs->VMM Service Map->Service Components tab: Console crashes when expand cloud with usages
139Fastsync: instances of Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.Network.2012.VNic is not synchronized
140User Roles picker shows user roles from foreign VMM Servers
141Service Manager 2012 memory leak: Internal memory usage over 1GB or more
142Service Manager 2012: Service Catalog if Language set, it is not visible in portal
143Service Manager Service Request Implementation Notes Carriage Return Not Working
144Operations Manager Build Change - previous build is deleted from the share, so we have to user newer one
145Service Manager Localization: Setting OS display language is Korean, SCSM console language still display in English
146Chargeback: Default Price sheet should not appear on cloud form after not-committed assignments from price sheet form
147Fast sync: VMM Service map is not synchronized at all
148Chargeback: Some values of property don't been displayed in Print Preview page
149VMM 2012 SP1 MPs could not be installed on Service Manager that has VMM 2012 RTM MPs imported
150Service Manager Uninstall: Service Manager could not be uninstalled after upgrade from RTM to SP1
151Chargeback install script: Script should not try to install Chargeback if prerequisites is not installed
152Chargeback: Chargeback installation is blocked by VirtualMachineManager MPs not being fully signed
153Chargeback: Price sheet form: Clicking on print button clears assigned clouds grid with non-committed added clouds
154The two services "System Center Audit Forwarding" and "System Center Management APM"  about Agent on upgrade from RTM to SP1 didn't exist
155Chargeback: localizability and localization testing - In Korean OS,  SCSM still has some areas is not Ploc’d
156In Chinese, the whole Chargeback part  is English, however other parts display in Chinese
157Chargeback: Only MeasureGroups IDs are localized in the Chargeback solution
158Chargeback: User needs to be aware of the fact that price sheet un-assignment takes effect on the next day. (EX- Cloud-Price sheet association change is not getting applied for the current priced VM's)
159SQL Always On: SM,DataWarehouse  installation fails with  SQL Availability listener
160The AD and CM connector stop working in signed build, but work well in debug build
161In Chinese OS, Cloud can't specify default PS
162SQL Server 2012: Unable to Install Service Manager when using SQL instance with SMB file share as storage
163Only 1 User Role Price sheet override is created for cloud
164The symbol "_" is not displayed when it is used in the middle the title of an activity. should be renamed to
166Service Managerserver install fails, Beta branch, signed build
167Update display strings for Chargeback Elements
168Chargeback DataWarehouse MP should be split into sub features for better maintenance
169Service Manager setup: Collation validation need to be performed on SSAS server too
170Unpublish task does not work on PS form
171mappings for Logical Computer computers type between SCCM DB and DataWarehouse staging failed
172Tracing is not added for the Cloud form
173Service Manager console installation failure on Windows 7 x86
174Service Manager CHM help file contains broken links to Chargeback TechNet pages
175SCSM Server installation fails for builds from in SM_Chargeback branch
176[CHS][Unloc]The description "Writing system registry values" under the progress bar when set up SCSM Server and DataWarehouse Server
177FxCop warning for Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Chargeback.Common.dll
178[SCSM] Hungarian section is not available for Generic Incident Requests (in file ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest.xml)
179Service Manager 2012 SP1: Rolling back installation does not delete the management group.
180Service Manager DataWarehouse 2012 SP1: Rolling back installation does not delete the management group.
181Support Upgrade to Service Manager SP1
182In Service Manager, the version of the MPs that need to advance import to SCSM are not latest cause OM CI connector couldn't sync data from VMM
183Service Manager SP1: Cannot install Portal sucessfully, An error occurred while executing a custom action
184[CHS][Unloc]: Chargeback feature is not localized.
185SCUI HUN and ZHH files are not localized properly
186SCUI HUN and ZHH msms were not integrated, so SCUI did not show localized text for those langs


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