"No protection" setting for Outlook 2010 junk email does not work if deployed using .msp created by the OCT

Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2010


For Microsoft Outlook 2010, you apply an MSP file created using the Office Customization Tool, where you have set the Junk E-mail protection level to No protection; however, Outlook shows the level of junk e-mail protection as Low rather than No Automatic Filtering.


The behavior occurs because the MSP file created using the method in the Symptoms section incorrectly sets the following registry value:

DWORD: JunkMailProtection

The MSP sets the JunkMailProtection value as: 0x7fffffff (2147483647)

The correct value to set No Automatic Filtering should be: 0xffffffff (4294967295)


The resolution for this issue depends on where you are in your deployment of Microsoft Office 2010.

Option 1: Office 2010 is already installed

If Microsoft Office 2010 has already been installed with the incorrect JunkMailProtection value, the resolution is to modify the existing value in the registry to:

DWORD: JunkMailProtection
Value: 0xffffffff

This can be accomplished manually, via a .reg file, or login script.

Option 2: Office 2010 is not yet installed

Ensure that the built-in option for setting the JunkMailProtection value via the Office Customization Tool is not configured, and instead apply the correct JunkMailProtection value as an ad hoc registry entry in the OCT, using the following steps:

1) In the Office Customization Tool, Navigate to the Features section and expand Modify user settings
2) Select Microsoft Outlook 2010
3) Navigate to Outlook Options then to Preferences and then to Junk E-mail
4) Change the Junk e-mail protection level setting under Modify User Settings to Not Configured
5) In the navigation pane of the OCT, under the Additional content section, select Add registry entries, and then click Add.
6) In the Add/Modify Registry Entry dialog box, specify the following settings, and then click OK:

Data type: REG_DWORD
Key: Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options\Mail
Value name: JunkMailProtection
Value data: 0xFFFFFFFF

The following figure displays these changes made in the Add/Modify Registry Entry dialog box:

Screenshot for the Add/Modify Registry Entry dialog box

More Information

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Start the Office Customization Tool
2) Navigate to the Features section and expand Modify user settings
3) Select Microsoft Outlook 2010
4) Navigate to Outlook Options then to Preferences and then to Junk E-mail
5) Set the Junk E-mail protection level as Enabled and under Select level select No protection

After applying the resulting MSP file, the JunkMailProtection value will be set to 0x7fffffff and Microsoft Outlook will report the junk mail setting as Low rather than No Automatic Filtering.