Email notifications in HRMSSS Time & Attendance module using Business Portal 5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010


Do the email notifications for Time & Attendance in HRMSSS work in BP 5.0 and BP 5.1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010? (This also applies to BP 6.0/6.1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.)


The email functionality was redesigned in BP 5.0 and BP 5.1 for HRMSSS Time & Attendance and some issues popped up as listed in the Resolution section below. 


SETUP: First, make sure your set up is correct:

  • Make sure the employee has an Email Address entered in their Profile tab in the Employee Center. (This email address is stored in the HRM_WorkContactDetails table in the company database.)
  • Make sure the employee is set up as a user in BP with the correct roles. At a minimum, they should have User and Employee. And the Employee role should be mapped to an Employee ID in GP. (Also make sure they have the BP Internal User and BP Employee roles in Sharepoint.)
  • Have the Administrator log into BP, click on the Administration tab, and click on Workflow Process Options. In the Subscriptions tab, make sure the appropriate checkboxes are selected, such as 'when they are assigned tasks' and 'started'.
  • Check to make sure that the email settings were entered. The Administrator can click on Home, then Site Actions, then Site Settings, and click on Email and Remote Desktop Services. make sure the E-mail section is complete. Refer to your Business Portal Administrator Guide for more information.

    NOTE: By design, email notifications are not sent to Roles, such as the Human Resources Administrator or Payroll Administrator. Roles may be assigned to multiple users and BP does not have the functionality to send the same email to multiple users at the same time. These Administrators are most likely in BP on a daily basis anyway, so we elected not to send them multiple emails. 


  • The 'process started' email to the Employee still works correctly (provided the employee has an email address on their Profile page).
  • The 'task created' email to the manager works correctly in BP 6.0/6.1. However, this was a known issue in BP 5.0/5.1. (A hot fix was released to fix this issue in BP 5.1 only and can be downloaded using the link below for KB article #2633758. Unfortunately there is no fix for BP 5.0 and you'll have to upgrade to BP 5.1 if you want the fix.) (This Hot Fix was rolled into BP 6.0/6.1 already, so is not an issue in BP 6.0/6.1.);EN-US;2633758
  • The 'completed' email to the employee is a known issue and will not be fixed at this time. As a work-around, the employee can go to the Employee Center, click on HR Documents Submitted by Me, and view the status on the document they submitted, at any time.
  • The 'rejected' email to the employee is a known issue and will not be fixed at this time. As a work-around, the manager can go to the Manager Center, click the Timecard Status tab, and then click on the employee and an email window will open. The manager can then explain to the employee why they rejected the document and send the email.

More Information

Business Portal is no longer supported with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The discontinuation notice is available on the below link in PartnerSource:


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