Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, and Microsoft Office Access 2003 Replication FAQ is available in Microsoft Download Center

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This article applies only to a Microsoft Access database (.mdb).


The ReplFAQJet40.exe file contains a Microsoft Word document titled "Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, and Microsoft Office Access 2003 Replication" written by Michael Kaplan, Mary Chipman, Paul Litwin, Steve Thompson, and John Blaine. This document answers many Microsoft Access replication questions you may have.
The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
The ReplFAQJet40.exe file contains the following file:

ReplFAQJet40.doc Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, and Microsoft Office Access 2003 Replication FAQ Document.
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More Information

The "Frequently Asked Questions About Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, and Microsoft Office Access 2003 Replication" paper contains the following topics:
  • What is a GUID?
  • Can I use a GUID as a primary key field?
  • I have decided to use a GUID field as the primary key for one of the tables in my replicated database. The Conflict Viewer will not open when that table contains conflicts. However, the Conflict Viewer works fine on tables that contain a random AutoNumber. Why?
  • Why did replication change all my AutoNumber fields to Random Increment?
  • Can I use a field that has a GUID in a criteria for a DLookup? In a parameter query? In a search?
  • What are some design issues that I should consider with replication?
  • Why are some of my objects renamed?
  • How can I synchronize in a one-way direction?
  • Can I use database-level passwords with replication?
  • How do I implement Access user-level security with replication?
  • How do I update linked tables in a replicated database?
  • How do I replicate an application database that has implemented split data and code MDBs?
  • How do I compact a replicated database?
  • How do I repair a corrupted Design Master?
  • What is Replication Manager?
  • My remote access connection for synchronization is really slow. How can I speed up the synchronization process?
  • What is indirect synchronization and how do I make it work?
  • What effect does the Synchronization priority list setting in the Replication Manager configuration have on indirect synchronizations?
  • Can I use JRO to perform indirect synchronization?
  • How do I create a partial replica?
  • The Partial Replica Wizard only lets me define a partial replica filter to one table. How do I create additional replica table filters?
  • Can I make replication work from Microsoft SQL Server™and Microsoft Access?
  • Why does my replica report that it has expired? How can I fix it?
  • Can I create MDEs for use with Replication?
  • Can I import and export data from a replicated database?
  • Why do I receive a conflict when I synchronize my replicas?
  • How can I avoid or at least minimize data conflicts?
  • How does Microsoft Access resolve synchronization conflicts?
  • How do I prevent replication data errors?
  • Can I create a replica that prevents users from deleting records?
  • When a data error exists, how can I remove it?
  • Is there any way to create my own replication conflict manager?
  • Will replication work with Banyan Vines and LANtastic?
  • Troubleshooting tips for Novell networks.
  • Why are some of my design changes not propagated to the replicas?
  • I am having frequent database corruption problems. What can I do?
  • How do I remove a defunct (deleted) replica?
  • Should I use Briefcase manager to handle replication?
  • Can I use replication with Visual SourceSafe?
  • How do I remove replication?
  • How do I implement a progress meter to display synchronization status?
  • Should I use backup utilities with my replicas?
  • Can I replicate through e-mail instead of over a network or dial-up connection?
  • How do I recover a lost or corrupted Design Master?
  • How can I transfer Design Master status to another replica member?
  • Can I have more than one Design Master in a replica set?
  • How can I detect that the current replica member is the Design Master?
  • Why should I not use replication for transactional processing applications?
  • How do I set up Internet replication?
  • Can I use Replication Manager to schedule synchronizations over the Internet?
  • How can I synchronize over the Internet by using Visual Basic for Applications code?
  • Do I have to install Replication Manager on the client computers for them to perform an Internet Synchronization?
  • When I try to synchronize my Anonymous replica over the Internet, I receive the “The search key was not found in any record” error message on the client computer.
  • How do I convert a Microsoft Access 97 replica set to Microsoft Access 2000?
  • Can I convert my split Access 97 application’s front-end database to Access 2000, but leave the replicated back-end database in Access 97?
  • If I have to use Replication Manager and a Synchronizer for indirect synchronization, do I have to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office Developer for each user?