Clicking on a followed site returns "We hit a snag" in a publisher-consumer scenario


Consider the following Scenario:

You have configured two Sharepoint 2013 farms FARM_A and FARM_B.

FARM_A has the following service applications published and consumed by FARM_B

User Profile Service Application
Search Service Application
Managed Metadata Service Application

You grant USER_1 member permissions on a site collection located in FARM_B at http://consumer/sites/team

USER_1 successfully accesses and follows the site.

USER_1 accesses his personal site and the "followed sites page". Then he clicks on the link to access http://consumer/sites/team.

A message is displayed

"We hit a snag. This link doesn't work anymore, likely because the item was moved or deleted. You might have luck searching for it and following it in its new location."

Manually copying the URL and opening it in a new tab works fine.


Under the above circumstances, the behavior is expected.

When clicking on a followed link, the Server where the personal site resides will attempt to validate whether the link is or not still available via an S2S (Server to Server) call to a web Service at the root of the web application under /_vti_bin. 

Ex: http://consumer/_vti_bin/...

In order for the S2S call to succeed, the user USER_1 needs to have the Use Remote Interfaces permission granted at the root of the site collection http://consumer.


  1. Make sure the root web of the site collection at http://consumer is provisioned.
  2. Grant the user Use Remote Interfaces (individually as a new policy or through View Only/Limited Access) permissions at the root of the remote site (http://consumer).

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