File Server Resource Manager could not load WMI objects on Windows Server 2012

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When starting the File Server Resource Manager on Windows Server 2012 you may receive the following error message:

File Server Resource Manager could not load WMI objects on "Server Name".

If you query the MSFT_FSRMSettings WMI class under root\Microsoft\Windows\FSRM while having the described error reported, you may then receive the following WMI error:

Error 0x80041001 (Generic failure).


This problem occurs because the Windows Management Instrumentation service is restarted after the FSRM Service and a new provider load/registration for the FSRM provider is needed.


To resolve this problem, restart the FSRM Service. 

If you notice this is a reoccurring issue, there are 2 actions needed:

  • Verify and investigate the Windows Management Instrumentation Service is restart issue to solve the behavior.
  • Add a dependency for the FSRM Service in the registry, so that it gets restarted when the WMI service is restarted. To add the dependency in the registry, follow the steps:
    1. On the Start screen, click the Search tile.
    2. Type regedit in the Search window and then double-click regedit.exe
    3. Locate the following registry entry:

    4. From the right-side pane, right-click DependOnService, and then click Modify
    5. Add WINMGMT to the Multi-String Value
    6. Click on OK and then exit the registry editor
    7. Reboot the computer.

More Information

In a particular case, the Windows Management Instrumentation is restarted as part of a WMI Repository Rebuild action. In that case an investigation would be needed as to why the WMI Repository is being rebuilt. 

If you are running SCCM 2012, ensure that you are not running in the behavior described in the following article:
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