Airplane Mode connection icon may not display correctly after resume from sleep

Se aplică la: Windows 8Windows 8 EnterpriseWindows 8 Pro


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Windows 8 PC with only an integrated mobile broadband device (no Wi-Fi adapter).
  • You do not have an Ethernet cable connected to the PC.
  • You turn on Airplane mode to turn off the Mobile Broadband connection.
  • You let the PC enter sleep (S3) and then later wake up the PC.
In this scenario, when the PC is resuming from sleep, the network icon in the notification area may briefly display an incorrect connection type (such as disconnected Ethernet) before correctly displaying the Airplane mode icon again.


There is a race condition between notification processing and the occurrence of a system wide power transition.


This behavior does not affect system performance and can be safely ignored.

More Information

The device removal notification processing for the mobile broadband device might not complete on the transition into low power (S3). When it is processed on the transition out of low power(S3), and there is no other wireless device(Wi-Fi adapter) detected, the connection icon may display as disconnected Ethernet. However, the system should quickly detect the presence of the mobile broadband device and correctly display the Airplane mode connection icon again. Note that the Airplane mode might not work correctly if you try to change it while the connection type is still displaying as disconnected Ethernet.