Using the Service Manager Authoring console to add a custom property to a UNIX class extension fails with "The management pack could not be verified"


Using the Authoring console in System Center 2012 Service Manager to extend the class from a UNIX management pack to an unsealed management pack, when you try to add a new property you get the following error message:

The management pack could not be verified due to this error:
Service Manager Authoring Tool
The management pack could not be verified due to this error:
Verification failed with 1 errors:
Error 1:
Found error in
1|RHI.UNIXComputer.CI.ClassExtension||RHI.UNIXComputer.CI.ClassExtension.Category|| with message:
The Target attribute value is not valid. Element RHI.UNIXCOMPUTER.CI.ClassExtension.Category reference a
Target element that cannot be found


This can occur if a management pack public key token is specified for an unsealed management pack. For example, you will find an entry similar to the following in the XML file for the management pack:

Category ID="RHI.UNIXComputer.CI.ClassExtension.Category" Value="Console!Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.ManagementPack"> <ManagementPackName>RHI.UNIXComputer.CI.ClassExtension</ManagementPackName> <ManagementPackVersion></ManagementPackVersion> <ManagementPackPublicKeyToken>2abcXyz2d6760a2b</ManagementPackPublicKeyToken>

When the authoring tool tries to validate the management pack XML file, the process fails because the management pack is not sealed, thus we cannot add a new property successfully.


To resolve this issue, remove the <ManagementPackPublicKeyToken>2abcXyz2d6760a2b</ManagementPackPublicKeyToken> entry from the XML file.

More Information

The line <ManagementPackPublicKeyToken>2abcXyz2d6760a2b</ManagementPackPublicKeyToken> should only be included in cases where you are going to seal the management pack. The public key token must match the .snk file that the MP file will be sealed with.

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