The "Configure slow-link mode" Policy is not taking effect

Van toepassing: Windows Server 2008 StandardWindows Server 2008 Service Pack 2Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard


The "Configure slow-link mode" Policy does not take effect if values for UNC Paths are configured by using translations of the Strings "Latency=" and "Throughput=".
Therefore Client Site Caching (CSC) does not behave as expected.
This can lead to problems accessing file server resources or mapping network drives, if CSC unexpectedly switches into slow-link mode.

In order to avoid the Problem use the non-localized english strings "Latency=" and "Throughput=" while configuring the UNC Paths in the "Configure slow-link mode" policy.

More Information

The description of policies in the Group Policy Editor is presented in the installed language.
The Description of the "Configure slow-link mode" Policy in non-english versions of the Windows Operating System advises to enter localized Strings in the value field.
For Example:
In a German Version of Windows the description of the Policy is presented in German.
This description advises to enter the strings "Latenz=" and "Durchsatz=" instead of "Latency=" and "Throughput=".

As the Windows Operating Systems check for the Strings "Latency=" and "Throughput=" independent of the installed language, the localized strings such as "Latenz=" and "Durchsatz=" are not respected and thus the policy is not taking effect.

This affects all localized (non-english) Versions of the Group Policy Editor in the Windows Operating Systems in the Applies to Section.
This has no effect if the Policy is configured to "not configured" or "disabled".