How to reset changes to the Application.Printer object

Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.

This article applies to a Microsoft Access database (.accdb and.mdb) and to a Microsoft Access project (.adp).


This article shows you how to reset the Application.Printer object to its default settings after you have customized them.

More Information

The following sample code demonstrates how to print the Catalog report in the Northwind Sample Database. It changes some of the default printer settings and when the print job is completed, the code reset the printer to the default settings.

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Note Not all printers and printer drivers support the functionality in the following sample code.

Note In Microsoft Office Access 2007, you only have to replace the report name "Catalog" with an available report for the sample code..
Private Sub PrintCatalogReport()
Dim rpt As Report

Application.Printer = Application.Printers(0)

DoCmd.OpenReport "Catalog", acViewPreview, , , acHidden
Set rpt = Reports!Catalog

With rpt.Printer
.BottomMargin = 720
.Copies = 2
.Duplex = acPRDPVertical 'Double sided
.PaperBin = acPRBNLargeCapacity
End With
DoCmd.OpenReport "Catalog", acViewNormal
DoCmd.Close acReport, "Catalog", acSaveNo

Set Application.Printer = Nothing
End Sub
When the print job is completed, this code will clear out the current settings and reset the global Application.Printer object to the default application printer.