Modifying a Configuration Manager 2007 service window may cause an unexpected delay in a software update deployment

Van toepassing: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007


Consider the following scenario: 

• You create a maintenance window for a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 collection.
• You create a new software update deployment with a deadline that is prior to the maintenance window of the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 collection.
• You modify any property of the maintenance window after the software update deployment deadline. 

In this scenario, this may result in a missed opportunity to install updates right after the new service window becomes available. This happens because the Update Deployment Agent (UDA) finds no suitable service window for the installation, thus the new service window targeted to the client is ignored until the next evaluation cycle.

You may also see the following message in updatedeployment.log:

OnServiceWindowAvailable - No pending install assignment

This is by design in System Center Configuration Manager 2007.


We have two workarounds for this issue:

1. Schedule the updates evaluation cycle after service window creation.

2. Deploy updates after service window creation, not before.