Win8: Error 800 trying to install RDS Licensing CALs

Applies to: Windows Server 2012 DatacenterWindows Server 2012 DatacenterWindows Server 2012 Standard



Attempting to install RDS Licensing CALs on a server 2012 OS, might result in error 800 when you install CALs using the Phone method or the Web method (

Error message:

The RD Licensing Manager received an unrecognized response from the Microsoft Clearinghouse. The site may be experiencing problems or your internet connection may not be functioning properly. Check your Internet connection, and then retry the operation. If the problem persists, try using a different connection method., The requested operation is not supported.


This issue will occur if the License Server PID is 00184-30000-00001-AT420 The default OS PID is 00184-30000-00001-AA420 for all Windows Server 2012 Standard VL installs using VL media that are KMS client machines. (to see the OS PID look at the properties of My Computer) The License Server PID for Windows Server 2012 uses the OS PID and changes the 17th character to a T, so all KMS client machine will have the same PID.

There have been multiple customers calling with the same License Server PID. The above License Server PID is generated based on the Windows OS key that you enter when you install Windows Server 2012 Standard Volume License media By Default Volume License media uses a GVLK key ( Generic Volume License key), this makes the machine a KMS client machine for the purposes of activation

Read the more information section for details.Read the more information section for details.

  • Uninstall the RDS Licensing role
  • Rename the LSERVER folder located at C:\WINDOWS\System32 to LSERVER.OLD
  • Install a MAK key (from an elevated cmd prompt run slmgr /IPK <MAK Key>)
  • Activate the Windows Server 2012 OS using MAK key (slmgr /ATO)
  • Install the RDS Licensing role and activate it (Note: You should have a different License Server PID now)
  • Install the CALs as required.

More Information

When you install RDS Licensing role on a server, you must first activate the License Server in order to install CALs on it. When you activate a License server, there is a PID generated on the License Server which is registered with the clearing house when the License Server gets activated. So for example, if the PID of your License Server is 00184-30000-00001-AT420, when you activated the License Server, this PID got registered with the clearing house as activated.

There is a limit on the Key pack IDs that a registered License Server PID can request. The limit at the clearing house is 4095

Bug being filed that should restrict the activation of the License Server if the Windows OS is not activated.