An incorrect service provider name appears on the Charms bar after you switch SIM cards

Applies to: Windows 8


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a Windows 8-based computer that has a mobile broadband device installed.
  • You have different SIM cards available to make an Internet connection.
  • After you use one SIM card, you turn off the computer, insert a different SIM card, and then you restart the computer.
  • You make an Internet connection.
  • You click Settings on the Charms bar to view the name of the Internet service provider.
In this scenario, when you make the Internet connection, the name of the service provider that is shown in the View Available Network (VAN) panel may be correct. However, the Settings window that you access from the Charms bar incorrectly shows the name of the service provider that is associated with the original SIM card.


To work around this problem if you have an external mobile broadband device, unplug the device, and then plug in the device again. To work around this problem if you have an internal mobile broadband device, disable and enable the device from the Device Manager item in Control Panel