The Travel app in Windows 8 does not show a live tile after OOBE completes

Applies to: Windows 8 ProWindows 8Windows 8 Enterprise More


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a new Windows 8 OEM PC.
  • After completing OOBE, the Windows 8 start screen is displayed.

In this scenario, you may notice that the Bing Travel app included with Windows 8 does not display a live tile. However, other in-box Bing apps do show a live tile (i.e. Finance, Sports, News, etc.).


This issue may occur if the Travel app was provisioned to the latest version by the OEM before the PC was shipped. This is a known Windows provisioning issue with the Travel app.


To resolve this issue, select the Travel app to launch it. Once launched, the app tile should then be displayed as a live tile the next time the Windows 8 start screen is displayed.

More Information

In addition to the Travel tile not initially being live, you may also see an Event ID 126 error logged in Event View under Microsoft-Windows-AppHost/Admin stating that the AppexTravel app crashed with an unhandled JavaScript exception. This error can be safely ignored and does not affect the performance of the Travel app other than the tile not being live until it is accessed for the first time.