Stack overflow occurs when you run a query that contains a large number of arguments inside an IN or a NOT IN clause in SQL Server

BUG #: 235727 (shiloh_bugs)
BUG #: 58274 (sqlbug_70)


Queries that contain a large number of arguments (thousands) inside an IN or a NOT IN clause may generate a stack overflow. For example, the following query results in a stack overflow:

SELECT max(au_id) FROM authors WHERE au_id IN(1,2,5,......,11571)  
-- Query contains over 11570 arguments.
The SQL Server error log contains information similar to the following when the stack overflow occurs:

2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 08/10/00 12:02:37 Stack Overflow Dump not possible - Exception c00000fd E at 0x00587286
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 Address=587286 Exception Code = c00000fd
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 eax=195922d0 ebx=19592338 ecx=2ad0e938 edx=00000007
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 esi=196ce2c8 edi=19592180 eip=00587286 esp=2ac93000
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 ebp=2ac93028 efl=00010202
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 cs=1b ss=23 ds=23 es=23 fs=38 gs=0
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 1: Return Address 00587286
2000-08-10 12:02:37.87 spid51 2: Return Address 0058728B.................
In some cases, SQL Server may actually shutdown as a result of the stack overflow.


Rewrite the query and use a #temp table to contain the values in the IN list instead of using an IN clause. For example, the preceding query can be re-written like this:

CREATE TABLE #IN_values (au_id char(4))
INSERT INTO #IN_values select au_id FROM Table_with_values_123456789...

SELECT max(au_id)
FROM authors as A
JOIN #IN_values as I ON (A.au_id = I.au_id)


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

More Information

The client is not disconnected but this error message may occur:

Server: Msg 8621, Level 17, State 1, Line 2 Internal Query Processor Error: The query processor ran out of stack space during query optimization.

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