Brief video corruption may occur in some Windows 8 apps when adding or removing power adapter from a notebook or tablet PC

Applies to: Windows 8Windows 8 ProWindows 8 Enterprise


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a notebook or tablet-based PC running Windows 8.
  • You download an app from the Microsoft Store that utilizes DirectFlip, a new feature available to graphics drivers that support WDDM 1.2. For example, the game app Fruit Ninja utilizes the DirectFlip feature.
  • While running the app in the foreground, you add or remove the power cord from the tablet or notebook.

In this scenario, you may briefly see video corruption within the app.


This is by design. When ACPI events are forwarded to the graphics driver for processing, Windows takes exclusive access to the hardware as a security precaution to ensure the graphics driver does not execute any unexpected code. As a result, during the power transition, you may see very brief screen corruption within any Windows 8 app that utilizes DirectFlip. DirectFlip is a driver feature new to Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 graphics drivers that reduce the amount of memory bandwidth used when playing videos or games back in full screen, thus reducing memory power consumption.


To prevent brief screen corruption from occurring while running a Windows 8 app that utilizes DirectFlip, do not change the power state of your notebook or tablet by removing or attaching the power adapter.

More Information

For more information on DirectFlip as well as other enhancements that are new to WDDM 1.2 and Windows 8, select the MSDN link below:

Windows Display Driver Model Enhancements