"Windows Search Engine is currently disabled" error even when the HyperW7Svc service is enabled

Applies to: Outlook 2013Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


In Microsoft Outlook, you may receive the following error message.

The Windows Search Engine is currently disabled. Outlook will not be able to provide fast search results using the Instant Search functionality unless this service is running.

Image of Outlook error message

Note This dialog box is not displayed if you previously selected the Do not show this message again check box.

When this message is displayed, a search query does not find all of the expected items.


This issue occurs if the HyperW7Svc service changes the state of the Windows Search service from Automatic to Disabled.


To work around this issue, uninstall the software that installed the HyperW7Svc service. Or, you can try changing the HyperW7Svc service Startup Type setting to Disabled instead of uninstalling it.

More Information

The following System event is logged when the Windows Search service is disabled:

Event ID: 7040
Source: Service Control Manager
Description: The start type of the Windows Search service was changed from auto start to disabled