Known issues for Visual Studio 2013


This article lists the known issues that you may experience after you install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. For more information about these issues and the workarounds that are available, click the following article numbers to go to the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Upgrade issues for Visual Studio 2013

Article IDDescription
2896450 You can’t build or load graphics assets after you upgrade to the release version of Visual Studio 2013
2894184 Visual Studio 2013 crashes when you try to start it without the corresponding language pack
2898148 You cannot start Windows Simulator in Visual Studio 2013 after you upgrade to Windows 8.1

Product issues for Visual Studio 2013

General issues

Article IDDescription
2955817 The April 2014 release of the Windows SDK is incompatible with Visual Studio 2013 RTM or Update 1 version for graphics debugging
2892152 "Client authentication required" error message after you upgrade from Preview to RTM version of Visual Studio 2013
2894215 You experience performance issues, product crashes, or rendering issues in Visual Studio 2013
2896451 "Illegal characters in path" error message when you open a Windows Store App project in Visual Studio 2013
2880131 You cannot sign in to Visual Studio 2013 when JavaScript is disabled in Internet Explorer
3058656 Visual Studio cannot open the browser when it is installed on Windows 10 Insider Preview

Windows 8.1

Article IDDescription
2890859 "Error C2872: 'Platform' : ambiguous symbol" error message when you use the Windows::Foundation::Metadata namespace in Visual Studio 2013
2890867 "error C2872: 'IAgileObject' : ambiguous symbol" error when you use Platform::Details namespace in Visual Studio 2013

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