Changes may not be saved when you open an Office file in Internet Explorer 10

Applies to: Internet Explorer 10


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer 10 installed on a computer. 
  • You browse a website by using Internet Explorer 10, click a link, and then click Open to open an Office file that is stored on a server.
  • After the file is opened by the corresponding Office application on the computer, you edit the file and then save the changes.
  • You open the same file by clicking the link on the website.
In this scenario, the changes that you made may not be saved. 


This issue occurs because temporary Internet files are cleaned up by the system. 

A file is saved as a temporary Internet file when you click Open to open the file. If the file is served with a Content-Disposition:attachment header, the Read-only attribute is not set on the file. Then, a corresponding Office application opens the file from the Temporary Internet Files folder. The changes that you made are saved to the file that is located in the Temporary Internet Files folder. However, the temporary Internet files are periodically cleaned up by the system. Therefore, the file that contains the changes may be deleted.

Note If a server does not send the Content-Disposition:attachment header together with the file, the Read-only attribute is set on the file, and the issue does not occur.


Update information

To resolve this issue, install the most recent cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. To do this, go to the following Microsoft website:Notes
  • This update was first included in the following security update:
    2879017 MS13-080: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer: October 8, 2013
  • For technical information about the most recent cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, go to the following Microsoft website:

More Information

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