Print may fail if a new font is installed without restarting the PC

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Consider the following scenario:
- You are using a Server 2008 machine
- You install a new font file, for which the file size is not divisible by 4
- After installing the font, you do not restart the machine, and try to print some documents with the newly installed font

In the scenario, the print fails, and an ID 6161 error event is registered in the system eventlog.


1. Restart the machine after installing a new font.

2. If you cannot restart the machine, this problem only occurs if the size of the font file is not divisible by 4. Please ask the font maker to provide a font for which the file size is divisible by 4 to avoid this problem.


More Information

This problem is due to an error in Windows Server 2008.
The problem has already been fixed in later versions of Windows.