Sample macro to duplicate a page in Visio

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This article explains how to duplicate a page, along with the shapes on that particular page, by using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. The sample code also provides an example of how to use the Page.PageSheet property to get access to a page's ShapeSheet cells.

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Sample code

The following sample code duplicates a page.

Public Sub DuplicateActivePage()
Dim OriginalPage As Visio.Shape
Dim DuplicatePage As Visio.Shape

Dim ShapeDropX As Double
Dim ShapeDropY As Double

Set OriginalPage = ActivePage.PageSheet
ActiveWindow.SelectAll 'Select everything on the first page...
ActiveWindow.Group '...then group it all...
ActiveWindow.Copy '... then copy it to the clipboard.

ShapeDropX = ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Cells("PinX")
'Get the new Group's x position.

ShapeDropY = ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Cells("PinY")
'Get the new Group's y position.

Set DuplicatePage = ActiveDocument.Pages.Add.PageSheet
'Create the new page.

'Set attributes of the new page to be the same as the original page.
With DuplicatePage
.Cells("PageWidth") = OriginalPage.Cells("PageWidth")
.Cells("PageScale") = OriginalPage.Cells("PageScale")
.Cells("ShdwOffsetX") = OriginalPage.Cells("ShdwOffsetX")
.Cells("PageHeight") = OriginalPage.Cells("PageHeight")
.Cells("DrawingScale") = OriginalPage.Cells("DrawingScale")
.Cells("ShdwOffsetY") = OriginalPage.Cells("ShdwOffsetY")
.Cells("DrawingSizeType") = OriginalPage.Cells("DrawingSizeType")
.Cells("DrawingScaleType") = OriginalPage.Cells("DrawingScaleType")
.Cells("InhibitSnap") = OriginalPage.Cells("InhibitSnap")
.Cells("PlaceStyle") = OriginalPage.Cells("PlaceStyle")
.Cells("PlaceDepth") = OriginalPage.Cells("PlaceDepth")
.Cells("PlowCode") = OriginalPage.Cells("PlowCode")
.Cells("ResizePage") = OriginalPage.Cells("ResizePage")
.Cells("DynamicsOff") = OriginalPage.Cells("DynamicsOff")
.Cells("EnableGrid") = OriginalPage.Cells("EnableGrid")
.Cells("CtrlAsInput") = OriginalPage.Cells("CtrlAsInput")
.Cells("LineAdjustFrom") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineAdjustFrom")
.Cells("BlockSizeX") = OriginalPage.Cells("BlockSizeX")
.Cells("BlockSizeY") = OriginalPage.Cells("BlockSizeY")
.Cells("AvenueSizeX") = OriginalPage.Cells("AvenueSizeX")
.Cells("AvenueSizeY") = OriginalPage.Cells("AvenueSizeY")
.Cells("RouteStyle") = OriginalPage.Cells("RouteStyle")
.Cells("PageLineJumpDirX") = OriginalPage.Cells("PageLineJumpDirX")
.Cells("PageLineJumpDirY") = OriginalPage.Cells("PageLineJumpDirY")
.Cells("LineAdjustTo") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineAdjustTo")
.Cells("LineToNodeX") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineToNodeX")
.Cells("LineToNodeY") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineToNodeY")
.Cells("LineToLineX") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineToLineX")
.Cells("LineToLineY") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineToLineY")
.Cells("LineJumpFactorX") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineJumpFactorX")
.Cells("LineJumpFactorY") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineJumpFactorY")
.Cells("LineJumpCode") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineJumpCode")
.Cells("LineJumpStyle") = OriginalPage.Cells("LineJumpStyle")
.Cells("XRulerOrigin") = OriginalPage.Cells("XRulerOrigin")
.Cells("YRulerOrigin") = OriginalPage.Cells("YRulerOrigin")
.Cells("XRulerDensity") = OriginalPage.Cells("XRulerDensity")
.Cells("YRulerDensity") = OriginalPage.Cells("YRulerDensity")
.Cells("XGridOrigin") = OriginalPage.Cells("XGridOrigin")
.Cells("YGridOrigin") = OriginalPage.Cells("YGridOrigin")
.Cells("XGridDensity") = OriginalPage.Cells("XGridDensity")
.Cells("YGridDensity") = OriginalPage.Cells("YGridDensity")
.Cells("XGridSpacing") = OriginalPage.Cells("XGridSpacing")
.Cells("YGridSpacing") = OriginalPage.Cells("YGridSpacing")
End With

ActivePage.Paste 'Paste the copied group from the Clipboard.
ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Cells("PinX") = ShapeDropX
'Position the group.
ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Cells("PinY") = ShapeDropY
ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Ungroup 'Ungroup the group.

ActiveWindow.Page = OriginalPage.ContainingPage.Name
'Go back to the original page...

ActiveWindow.SelectAll '...then select the group...
ActiveWindow.Selection(1).Ungroup '...and ungroup it...
ActiveWindow.DeselectAll ' and then deselect all of the shapes.

MsgBox DuplicatePage.ContainingPage.Name & " has been created."
End Sub


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