Printer driver data remains on client after being deleted from print queue on print server

Applies to: Windows Vista EnterpriseWindows Vista UltimateWindows 7 Enterprise


Consider the following scenario:
  • On a Windows print server, install a local shared printer.
  • On a Windows client, install the shared printer via Point-n-Print (\\ServerName\ShareName).
  • From the Windows server, you remove a Printer Driver Data entry using the DeletePrinterData call.

In this scenario, you notice that the Printer Driver Data will still remain on the client computer after being deleted on the Print Server.


This is an issue with the Client Side Rendering (CSR) synchronization code.


To work around this issue, instead of deleting the entry, change the value of the entry and have the print driver check for the change in value instead of presence of the entry. 

More Information

The syncing code in question is modified starting with Windows Vista due to the new Client Side Rendering (CSR) feature. More information on this can be found in the following MSDN content.

Client-Side Rendering