Metadata from linked objects is not automatically updated when the source objects change in SSAS

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services


You update the metadata for source dimensions or for measure groups in a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) database. However, the metadata for the associated linked dimensions or measure groups is not automatically updated as expected.

For example, if you update certain other properties such as "FormatString" and "DisplayFolder," these changes are not reflected in the properties of the linked objects.


This issue occurs because the metadata (such as the original values of "FormatString" and "DisplayFolder”) is implemented only when the linked objects are created. This behavior is by design. For more information, see Define linked dimensions.


To work around this issue, find, drop, and re-create all linked dimensions or measure groups.

More Information

Wherever the source object properties are changed in a project, you have to find, delete, and re-create all linked objects. To do this, you must know which objects are being linked to, and which of the other cubes in the project have linked to these objects.

  • Processing the cube with the linked objects does not raise any errors. There are no indications that the underlying source objects were changed.
  • Adding new measures into the source measure group is detected when you use the linked measure group.
  • The remote linked objects from Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2014 are obsolete. For more information, see Deprecated Analysis Services functionality in SQL Server 2014.