User interface elements are not displayed when you restart Lync Room System

Applies to: Skype Room Systems


Assume that you install an October 2013 cumulative update for Microsoft Lync 2013 on a Lync Room System (LRS) device. Then, you restart the LRS device. In this situation, multiple user interface (UI) elements of LRS may not be displayed. For example, you may encounter the following issues:
  • The presence status is not displayed on the front of room touch screen.
  • The LRS console controls, such as the Meet Now button, are dimmed or not displayed.


This issue occurs because LRS UI uses Office Communicator Object Model API (OCOM) to report whether Lync 2013 is running before LRS UI invokes the Lync 2013 functionality. However, OCOM reports that Lync 2013 is running before LRS signs in. Therefore, multiple LRS user interface elements are not displayed as expected.


To resolve this issue, install the following update:
2920616 Description of the Lync Room System update: January 2014