SharePoint 2013 Quick Edit Mode performs poorly with large edits

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013


Hangs and otherwise poor performance may be experienced when using Quick Edit mode to perform bulk inserts and edits of list items.


Quick Edit mode was designed to handle incremental editing of one item or line at a time. For situations requiring larger edits that affect tens or hundreds of rows or more, there are two approaches that will provide a better user experience.
  1. For situations where the initial list input is very large, but subsequent edits are small, you can create a new list based on an Excel spreadsheet. To use this functionality, go to Site Contents > Add an App > Search for spreadsheet.
  2. For situations where large numbers of records are edited in an ongoing basis, you can connect to the list to Access by selecting the Open with Access option from the List ribbon. Then, you can right-click the list in the left pane of Access and then select Import, or copy and paste directly into the table.