A Description of the Desktop Cleanup Wizard


This article describes the Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

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The Desktop Cleanup Wizard helps you keep your desktop free of the shortcuts that you do not use. The Desktop Cleanup Wizard periodically checks the desktop for unused shortcuts (anything not used in the last 60 days) and provides an easy way to remove those shortcuts without harming the installed program.

This feature is configured to run automatically every 60 days. If you want to access this feature, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Display, click the Desktop tab, click Customize Desktop, and then click Desktop Cleanup.

This feature is available only in Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

When the Desktop Cleanup Wizard runs, it places unused shortcuts into a folder on the desktop called Unused Desktop Shortcuts. However, if you want, these shortcuts can be recovered from this folder.

The Desktop Cleanup Wizard is triggered by a scheduled task. The scheduled task runs once a day and checks the registry to see if it has been 60 days since the wizard has run.


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