Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 when Office 365 account UPN differs from domain account UPN

Applies to: Microsoft Lync 2013


Consider the following scenario:
  • You create a Microsoft Office 365 account for a user in a domain environment.
  • The user's Office 365 account user principle name (UPN) differs from the user’s domain account UPN. For example, the user’s domain account UPN is "John" However, the user’s Office 365 account UPN is ""
  • The user tries to sign in to Lync 2013 from a domain-joined computer in the environment. 
In this scenario, the user cannot sign in to Lync 2013.


This issue occurs because Lync 2013 tries to obtain the UPN of the domain account instead of the UPN of the Office 365 account.


To resolve this issue, install the following update:
2880474 Description of the Lync 2013 update: April 2014