Description of the Windows Setup Function Keys


This article describes the various Setup function keys that you can use in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

More Information

During Setup, you can use various function keys to activate certain features and commands. The following list details the current functions keys, what they do, and when you can use them.

Three keys can be used when Setup is loading and when you are prompted to press the F6 function key to install third-party small computer system interface (SCSI) and host controller drivers:
  • F5 - For computer type or hardware abstraction layer (HAL) selection
  • F6 - To install third-party SCSI and host controller drivers
  • F7 - To run Setup without Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
When the "Welcome to Setup" screen is displayed, the following function keys can be used:
  • F2 - To automatically start the Automated System Recovery (ASR) process.
  • F10 - To bypass the menu screens and to load the Recovery Console
During graphical user interface (GUI)-Mode Setup, the following function keys can be used:
  • SHIFT+F10 - To enable access to a command prompt during GUI-Mode Setup
  • SHIFT+F11 - To display "old-style" wizards that give more detail
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