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This article outlines the steps required for accessing your SPLA Reseller Rebates Incentives statement via the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP).

More Information

You can check your statement via Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP):
  1. Open CHIP and log in using your Microsoft account (previous Live ID).
  2. Select relevant program: SPLA Reseller Rebates Incentives.
  3. Under Program Summary select period (e.g. JAN-MAR 2014.)
  4. Select Calculation Details from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Open on the yellow notification bar that appears to open your statement.
  6. See below descriptions for each tab:
Tab Description
DetailReport-FlatFileThis tab contains all drill-down information for the incentives calculated for the earning period selected, including Agreement, End Customer Name and lever calculation details.
DetailReport-PivotThis tab contains a view to the summary of payments details including currency and payment amount for the earning period selected.
Achievement DetailsThis tab contains a view to the achievement details including Baseline Value, Achievement and Growth Percentage.

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