FIX: "non-readonly field/property access is limited" error when you build a BizTalk Server 2010 project

Applies to: BizTalk Server Branch 2010BizTalk Server Developer 2010BizTalk Server Enterprise 2010


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have an orchestration in a Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 or Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 project in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • You create the following two types of variables in the orchestration:

    var1: System.Xml.XmlDocument
    var2: System.String
  • You add an expression shape that contains the following code to the orchestration:

    var1 = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
    var2 = var1. DocumentElement.NamespaceURI;
In this scenario, you receive the following error message when you build this project:
non-readonly field/property access is limited to distinguished fields on class-based messages.


Cumulative update information

This issue was first fixed in the following cumulative update of BizTalk Server:


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.


For information about the service packs and cumulative update list for BizTalk Server, see KB 2555976: Service pack and cumulative update list for BizTalk Server .

For more information about BizTalk Server hotfixes, see KB 2003907: Information about BizTalk hotfixes and Service Pack support .