MSExchangeRPC service stops working intermittently in Exchange 2010

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3


In a Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment, users who have online mode experience temporarily lose access to mailboxes. Also, the following event is logged in the event log in Exchange Server:

ID: 4999
Level: Error
Source: MSExchange Common
Computer: <ComputerName>
Message: Watson report about to be sent for process id: 3996, with parameters: E12, c-buddy-RTL-AMD64, 14.03.0174.002, M.E.RpcClientAccess.Service, M.E.Data.Storage, M.E.D.S.StoreObjectStream.CheckNotReadOnly, System.InvalidOperationException, b69c, 14.03.0174.002.
ErrorReportingEnabled: False
When this problem occurs, the M.E.D.S.StoreObjectStream.CheckNotReadOnly() parameter throws an invalid operation exception. This causes the MSExchangRPC service to crash.


This problem occurs because MSExchangeRPC crashes when it processes a stream object that has a Null value for a specific property bag.