Downloading/Activating software in Partner Center and Partner Membership Center

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This article provides guidance on how you can download/ activate the software provided through the Microsoft Partner Network.
What benefits do partners have?

After the migration, all your benefits in PMC will be migrated to Partner Center.
For partners with active enrollments, the benefits will be displayed in four (4) categories.


Shows all the on-premises IURs the partner has been entitled to as part of the active enrollment they have in their account, the license quantity for each product, the offer type that provisioned that benefit product to the Partner, the benefit type (whether it comes from Core, or Incremental) and the date of expiry of that benefit.

Azure & Cloud

Shows the usage-based subscriptions (Azure Credit) and the license-based subscriptions (such as Office 365) that are provisioned to partners, license quantity for each product, the offer type that provisioned that benefit product to the Partner, the benefit type (whether it comes from core, or incremental) and the date of expiry of that benefit.

Visual Studio subscriptions

Shows the Visual Studio subscriptions license grants, the offer type that provisioned that benefit product to the Partner, the benefit type (whether it comes from core, or incremental) and the date of expiry of that benefit.

Technical benefits

Shows the support name for each product, the quantity, the offer type that provisioned that benefit product to the Partner, the benefit type (whether it comes from core, or incremental) and the date of expiry of that benefit.

Go-to-Market (GTM) benefits

Go-to Market benefits are marketing benefits offered as part of the MPN membership, they provide expert sales and marketing education, content, and support to help Partners launch and promote their business.


Recommended Security settings for Product Download

Internet Explorer

1) Please Add “” and “” as trusted sites

2) Security level should be set to Medium-high

3) Turn off "Enable Protected Mode".


Note: If still Access denied issue persists then click “Reset all zones to default level” as first step

Mozilla Firefox

Enable Cross Origin Cookies in Mozilla as per below screenshot.


Error message scenario

Error message

Issue description

The product key that was used is not valid.

You might be mismatching a product key with the downloaded software. Software downloads must be matched to the product key generated by the same portal. For example:

  • Software downloaded from MSDN must be used with the product key from MSDN.
  • Software downloaded from the digital distribution portal must be used with the product key from the same portal.

Note: Software obtained from a source other than MPN (for example, a trial version or software purchased from a distributor) cannot be activated by using the product keys from MSDN or the partner digital distribution portal.

A message states that you have reached the maximum available activations for a product key.

Partners are provided a specific number of activations per product through their MPN membership benefits. If you have met or exceeded the maximum number of activations, you will be unable to activate more licenses by using the provided product key.


How to activate software if you are in Partner Center


How to view benefits in PC?

To view the benefits from the subscriptions purchased in Partner Center, please go to Dashboard and on the left navigation menu, under MPN, select Benefits.



How to filter benefits?

There are added filtering capabilities in all of the benefits tabs (Software, Azure & Cloud, Visual Studio Subscriptions, Technical benefits and Go-to-Market (GTM) benefits ) that are Offer type and Benefit type. With these filtering capabilities Partner can:

  • choose to see what benefits were provisioned to him by Benefit type (Core/ Incremental).
  • choose to see what benefits were provisioned to him by all active offers in his account or by individual offers in his account.


What’s New/Changed?

After migrating to Partner Center, partners will not be redirected to the Microsoft Partner Portal Digital Download site (MSPPDD) to activate and assign their IUR as what they used to do in PMC, all things will now be done on one platform.

On-premises software installation and activation

By clicking the Software tab, partner can see all software he/she is entitled to download and install.


If a product requires a product key for installation, the end-user will be prompted to enter a product key during the installation process.


Although some products require the entry of a product key during the installation process, not all products require product activation. Product activation is required for Windows server and client operating systems and all Microsoft Office client applications.

The product key activation behavior is based on scenario:

  • If the software is installed on a new machine, one product activation is consumed against the product key.
  • If the software is installed on the same machine with no significant hardware changes, product activation is not consumed against the product key.
  • If the software is installed on the same machine with significant hardware changes, product activation is consumed against the product key.

Note: Only users having MPN partner admin role can manage benefits. If the user does not own a MPN Partner Admin role, recommend user to contact an Account Admin, Global Admin or any other MPN Partner Admin within their organization which can assign him/her the right permission.

Cloud Services Activation

  • To activate Azure subscription in Partner Center, partner should assign the access to a user within the company. The assigned user can login to the Azure portal and manage users from there. They can add new users or remove users from this subscription.


Note:  Partners can now remove the Azure Monthly Credit from an existing user and re-assign it to a new user in Partner Dashboard portal. For re-assigning Azure Bulk Credit to a different user, please work with Frontline team.


  • To activate Licenses based subscriptions

1. Select the product name, such as Microsoft Office 365, and then click on Get keys.

2. Click the link (as shown in below screenshot) to redeem the token.


3. This redirects you to the key redemption portal. To activate the product key, select the checkbox and then click Start.


4. Enter your product key. If you are entering multiple product keys, select Add another product key. When finished, select Next.


5. Select done adding product keys.

Visual Studio subscription activation

Partners receive Visual Studio Professional subscriptions, which include the latest version of Visual Studio Professional, Windows Pro, Windows Server, and SQL Server Enterprise for internal development and testing. All Visual Studio subscriptions are licensed per user and must be assigned and activated to be valid. Partner can select a user in the organization (screenshot below) and assign the subscription to the user. The assigned user will be able to login to the Visual Studio portal and manage their subscription.

If a partner who has VS subscription (assigned to users based on their MSA account in PMC) is migrated from PMC to PC, they will continue to have access to the VS subscription until AD+30 days in PC, using their previous  MSA account. There is no re-assignment required. In case partner wants to change the user and assign the benefit to another one, after migration process is completed, in this scenario the Global Admin will have to re-assign the VS subscription to the new user using his/her AAD credentials.

 If there is no change, after those 30 day grace period (after AD), once the renewal is completed the Global Admin will have to re-assign the VS benefit/ subscription to the same users or new users using their AAD credentials and not MSA account.​


Option to remove users:



Partners won’t lose their benefits once they complete their purchase in PC. New set of benefits are provisioned immediately and extends till their Next anniversary date.

Visual Studio benefit is set as 12 months after migration to Partner Center. The technical contract had been added AD + 30 days since July 2018.

Technical support benefits

Partners who have migrated their program membership from the PMC Portal (Partner Membership Center) to Partner Center have the option to request support contract activation using Partner Center.

Click Benefits, select Technical benefits, expand the benefit to start the activation process. Support contracts are manually created during normal working hours and days, the process may take several days to complete.


Note: There is a new feature in Partner Dashboard, The Contract ID and Access ID is reflected to any users with Admin roles.

Product Support Incidents

Partners use their Product Support Incidents to help resolve specific symptoms encountered while using Microsoft software (where there is a reasonable expectation that the problems are caused by Microsoft products). Product support incidents provide reactive support that focuses on a specific problem, error message, or functionality that is not working as intended.

For non-urgent requests, partners can go to TechNet for technical product support and save their product support incidents for more urgent requests.

There are two types of product support incident benefits:

Product Support Incidents, can be used for on-premises supported products or Cloud.

Signature Cloud Support Incidents, can only be used for Cloud products (not on-premises).

Go-To-Market (GTM) benefits


Partners can access the Go-to Market benefits page from their dashboard by selecting from the left-hand MPN menu the Benefits tab and then the Go-Market option as seen in screenshot below:


  • Any user with Global Admin/MPN Admin role will be able to assign the benefits to a user in his organization.
  • Ideally, the user that is assigned with the benefits should hold a marketing position in the Partner’s Company.


After assigning the benefit to a user within the Organization, a Partner has the option to redeem his benefit by clicking the dropdown menu arrow of the benefit names and click on the Redeem benefit button.


Once a GTM benefit is successfully redeemed, the status in-line with the activated benefit will change from Available to Redeemed.


Following the redemption of the benefit, Partner will also receive an activation e-mail from Partner Dashboard (Partner Center) containing the next steps and within two business days, only for Silver and Gold Partners, a delegated person from the GTM Resource Desk team will initiate contact with Partner to start the execution of the benefits redeemed.

How to activate a cloud product if you are still in Partner Membership Center (PMC)

1. Go to the Microsoft Partner Digital Download Portal.

2. Sign in with the Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live account) currently administrator rights.

3. Click the Microsoft Online Services section and choose one of the products displayed.



4. Click the addition symbol (+) to view the product key(s) applicable to your program membership.


5. Copy the 25-digit token code BEFORE you go to the next step. (You’ll need this information going forward).


6. Select the link at the bottom of the page and navigate to the key redemption portal.


If you’re an existing partner who’d like to activate your Online product key(s) on your existing online tenant, please sign in BEFORE you activate your Online product key(s). Each product key may ONLY be activated ONCE.

Once a product key has been activated for online tenant seats, those seats cannot be moved to another online tenant.

7. Enter the 25-digit token code that you copied in the Product key box. Then, click next.


8. Click done adding product keys.

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