How to link or unlink a Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) to a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

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  • A customer who is part of the Microsoft Certification program, and who holds an active certification(s), must perform specific steps to link or unlink their Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) with a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) organization. This is necessary because of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) policies.


  • The MPN Partner Admin or Global Admin roles are required to review competency status for exams or to Download skills report to review associated exams in a table. The partner organization meets competency requirements by having individuals with linked MCIDs associated to their organization. An MCID can only be linked to a single MPN membership at a time. You can only purchase a competency offer when all the requirements are met.

How to sign-in to Get Partner University access or Associate Microsoft Learning account (Microsoft Certification)

The Microsoft Certification user must have a Partner Center account associated to their partner organization. If they need a new user account to be added on the organization, follow the guidance here.

1. Each user of an MPN partner organization should use their MPN partner organization work username and password (work account) to sign into Partner Center.


2. After successfully Signing In with their work account, the user should access the Dashboard.


3. The user navigates to MPN > Overview > My profile.

Partner Center image

In the page that opens, users can associate their Partner University account and/or their Microsoft Learning account by selecting:

a. Get Partner University access (for assessments recognition)

By selecting Get Partner University access, the users will be redirected to a login screen where they must enter their Partner University credentials.

Get Partner University access

Signin credentials

After entering their credentials, the Partner university account will be associated to the Partner Center user account. Their assessments will reflect in the Partner Center User Skills report within 72hrs.

Users can remove the association by clicking the Remove access option.

Remove access

b. Associate Microsoft Learning account (exams and certifications)

1. By selecting the Associate Microsoft Learning account option, the users will be redirected to a login screen where they must enter the credentials they use to log into their Microsoft Certification profile (MCID).

Associate learning account


Note: If the Microsoft Learning account credentials are the same as the Partner University account credentials, the users must tick the Use <<email@address>> to associate “my Microsoft Learning accountoption .


Note: To help our Partners accommodate with the new platform, Partner Center will count individuals that are part of the Microsoft Certification program and exams/certifications/assessments from both PMC and PC for proficiency evaluation related to competency attainment. Partners do not need to have the MCIDs associated in PC immediately post-migration from PMC to PC, however, this still remains a mandatory action that needs to be performed by the users themselves as explained above, during a period of 6 months post-migration. Association in PC should be made with the same email address that was used on the Microsoft Certification profile dashboard (certification dashboard) or Partner University portal for taking courses/exams.


Admin Checking specific competency Microsoft Certification exam completion and requirements

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