Software downloads: Permissions, privileges, and MSDN access


The program administrator can manage privileges through the Partner Membership Center and grant access to individuals so that these individuals can perform the following:
  • Download software (up to three [3] individuals per location)
  • View software product keys
  • View tokens used for online services
  • View license statements
  • Activate MSDN subscriptions (one user per MSDN license entitlement)

More Information

Privilege definitions and what they allow

Only program administrators can assign privileges through the Partner Membership Center.

PrivilegeWhat it allows
Software downloadAbility to download software from the partner digital download portal
View keysView product keys and tokens for online services at the partner digital download portal
View license statementView the organization’s software and online services license grants at the partner digital download portal
MSDN subscriptionsAccess MSDN subscription benefits

Assigning privileges to the partner digital download site
  1.  Sign in to the Partner Membership Center by using your Microsoft account associated with your MPN membership.
  2. On the Home page, on the Requirements & Assets drop-down menu, click Assign Privileges.
  3. Use the Select Location drop-down menu to select the location where you want to assign privileges.
  4. You will see a list of individuals associated to the selected location. Find the individual that requires the privileges, and select the correct privilege check box. Click Submit.
  5. A window will appear that confirms that the privilege selections have been saved. The selected individual will receive an email about the new privilege assigned. This individual will see only the privileges to which they have access. Administrators can direct the individuals that have been assigned these privileges to the Program End-User Guide (available in English only) for information about how to access and to use the partner digital download site.
MSDN subscriptions

Individuals who want to access and download software available on MSDN must have a Technical ID (also known as a Subscriber ID) granted by a program administrator. MSDN subscriptions allow designated individuals in an organization to use software for the design, development, testing, and demonstration phases of application development.

Finding a Subscriber ID to activate an MSDN subscription

A Subscriber ID is required to activate an MSDN subscription. A Technical ID has the same function as a Subscriber ID. Microsoft Action Pack subscribers and MPN competency partners who are designated as a Technical Contact are assigned a Technical ID. Partners will enter the Technical ID on MSDN site when they are asked for a Subscriber ID.

Your program administrators can follow these steps to find the ID to use to activate an MSDN subscription:
  1. Sign in to the Partner Membership Center, by using your Microsoft account associated with your MPN membership.
  2. From the menu at the top of the page, select Requirements & Assets and then click Associated People.
  3. You will see the Technical ID in the Technical ID row.


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