Description of API Portability Analyzer - Alpha

Applies to: Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 EnterpriseWindows 8.1 Pro


The API Portability Analyzer tool provides a list of .NET APIs that are used by an application, and the portability of those .NET APIs on various .NET profiles or platforms. This enables easy portability analysis for developers who consider porting an existing application to various platforms. 

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The API Portability Analyzer – Alpha is available for download from the following Microsoft Download Center website:
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Supported command-line options for this tool

Standard OptionDescription of the optionUsage
-?Displays help informationApiPort.exe -?
-listTargetsDisplay the list of the possible target profiles that may be specifiedApiPort.exe -listTargets
<assembly> [optional params]Analyze an assemblyApiPort.exe my.dll
The <assembly> option also takes some additional optional parameters.

OptionDescription of the optionUsage
-targets:"Windows|ProjectK|Windows Phone"One of target profiles supported by the toolApiPort.exe my.dll

-targets:"Windows;ProjectK;Windows Phone"
-out:filenamethe output file to which the results are to be writtenApiPort.exe my.dll –out:filename.xlsx
-descriptionDescription of the submissionApiPort.exe my.dll

The tool produces a Microsoft Excel workbook as its output. This workbook provides various levels of analysis. The tool provides a high level view that displays the percentage of portable APIs at an assembly level. The tool also provides a more detailed view that displays the list of individual APIs that are not portable on a given profile or platform.

Data Collection and Privacy

Microsoft collects a list of .NET APIs that are used by the user submitted binaries. Microsoft also collects the names of APIs that are created by using developer code. The tool does not collect the binary code, only names of the APIs are collected. This information is used to identify .NET APIs that are used by the binary and remove any developer written API from the portability analyzer report. Microsoft also collects assembly information such as assembly references for the binary and the Target Framework Moniker (TFM).