How to Install a Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 Image to a Windows Server 2003 RIS Server


Windows Server 2003 Remote Installation Service (RIS) provides the ability to upload Windows Server images to the RIS server for deployment. This article describes how to install a Windows Server image to a Windows Server 2003-based RIS server.

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How to Create a CD-BASE Windows Server Image

  1. On the Windows Server 2003-based RIS server, run Risetup.exe, and then choose the option to add a new operating system image to the server. When you are prompted for the source files, point to the location of the Windows Server files.
  2. When you are prompted for a folder name, use
    Windows2000Server or
    WindowsServer2003 (the default names).
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen until Risetup.exe finishes.
You can also use the Remote Installation Preparation Wizard image format to create and upload Windows Server client computer images on a Windows Server 2003-based RIS Server.

An administrator can use the Remote Installation Preparation Wizard to replicate the installation image of an existing Windows Server client computer (including any locally installed programs and operating system configuration changes) to an available remote installation server on the network. After it is replicated, the installation image can be remotely installed by any supported client computer.

How to Create a Windows Server Custom Installation and Use Riprep.exe to Upload the Image to the Windows RIS Server

  1. Use the Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM to locally (or remotely by using RIS) install the Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 base operating system on the source computer.
  2. Install programs on the client (source) computer that is required for this custom installation.
  3. Configure the source computer to conform to any company standards or settings that are required. For example, you might want to define specific screen colors, set the background to a company-based logo, configure Microsoft Internet Explorer proxy settings, install any necessary server services, and so on.
  4. Quit all programs, and then run the Remote Installation Preparation Wizard (Riprep.exe). To do so, click Start, click Run, type the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the Riprep.exe file, and then click OK. For example, you would type
    \\server_name\share_name\RemoteInstall\Admin\I386\RIPrep.exe, and then click OK. The wizard then configures the master system (source computer) to a generic state, removing anything that is unique to the client installation, such as the computer's unique security ID (SID), computer name, and any registry settings unique to the client source computer.
  5. Read the information in the Remote Installation Preparation Wizard Welcome screen, and then click Next.
  6. Type the name of the server that this image will be copied to, and then click Next. By default, this is the current RIS server that you are running the wizard from.
  7. Type the folder name on the RIS server to which this installation image will be copied, and then click Next.
  8. Type the friendly description and the Help text (the Help text will serve to describe what this installation image will install), and then click Next. This is used in the Client Installation Wizard during the request for network services by the remote installation clients.
  9. Review any programs or services that are currently running on the source computer, and then quit or stop them before you proceed. Click Next.
  10. Review the settings summary, and then click Next.
  11. Review the information from "Completing the Remote Installation Preparation wizard," and then click Next to replicate the source computer installation image onto the Remote Installation Services (RIS) server.

Additional Notes

  • You must have administrator privileges.
  • To upload custom images to a Windows RIS server, you must use the Riprep.exe utility that is provided by the Windows RIS server in the RemoteInstall\Admin\I386 folder.
  • The source computer shuts down when the image replication process is complete.
  • The abbreviated Setup program automatically runs when you restart the source computer. Complete the set up process to use this client computer to create another installation image.
  • To use RIS, your computer must have a Preboot eXecution Environment-enabled network adapter or have a network adapter that is supported by the RIS boot floppy. For a list of network computers and network adapters that are supported by using this service, please consult the Windows Server 2003 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). To create a RIS boot floppy, you must use the Rbfg.exe utility in the Windows Server 2003 RIS server RemoteInstall\Admin\i386 folder.

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