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MSN allows you to sync your data across all of your devices and browsers, including the MSN website and MSN apps on your devices. In general, most personalized items can sync across your devices by signing into the MSN site or your MSN app with a
Microsoft account.

My category customization/ sources that I have on the app don't display

Custom categories don't sync right now on the Windows app and Windows Phone app.

My news selections aren't syncing across my devices?

You can only sync your news selections if you're signed in.

I'm getting local news from the wrong location?

Make sure you have the correct locale entered in your settings. You can do this by going to the Home Page, selecting your account name, and then Settings.

News is not up-to-date?

The items displayed in MSN News refresh on a regular basis, if you're not seeing the latest news:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Sign out and sign back in
  • Check back a little later