All about the MSN News app

How do I add (pin) a specific news source to my Start screen?
How can I customize the News app?
How do I track news topics that interest me?
How do I remove a news topic?
How do I see news from a specific source?
How do I see news for a specific country?
How do I read news from featured sources?
How do I see news from a wide range of recommended sources
How do I add a source to the News app?
How do I subscribe to an RSS feed in the News app?
How do I change the font size of articles?
How can I use my mouse and keyboard to navigate through the app?
How do I refresh news content?

Send ideas for improving the app

We would love to hear from you! Send your thoughts, comments, and other feedback from within the app.

If you're using Windows: From the app’s home page, scroll all the way to the right until you see the Next Steps section. Tap or click Send Feedback.
If you're using Windows Phone: Tap the  button and then tap send feedback.

If you believe you are experiencing a problem with your app, we have provided some steps to help with common problems in the Get help with the MSN News app.

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