"Unknown error (0x80005000)" error message when you run the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool Configuration Wizard

Applies to: Office 365 Identity ManagementAzure Active DirectoryCloud Services (Web roles/Worker roles)


When you run the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool Configuration Wizard, the tool fails, and you receive the following error message:

Unknown error (0x80005000)


This problem occurs if the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool Configuration Wizard cannot configure the domain.


To resolve this problem, make sure that all domain controllers are running in a healthy state. To determine which domain or domain controller is causing the problem, follow these steps:
  1. On the server on which the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool is installed, start Windows PowerShell.
  2. Run the following commands:

    $Forest = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Forest]::GetCurrentForest().domains 
  3. Examine the information in the output.

    In the following example, the dev.contoso.com domain is unreachable. You can determine this because information about the domain is missing in the output, as in the following example.
    Forest                  : contoso.com
    DomainControllers : {ContosoDC01.contoso.com}
    Children : {dev.contoso.com}
    DomainMode : Windows2008R2Domain
    Parent :
    PdcRoleOwner : ContosoDC01.contoso.com
    RidRoleOwner : ContosoDC01.contoso.com
    InfrastructureRoleOwner : ContosoDC01.contoso.com
    Name : contoso.com

    Forest :
    DomainControllers :
    Children :
    DomainMode :
    Parent :
    PdcRoleOwner :
    RidRoleOwner :
    InfrastructureRoleOwner :
    Name : dev.contoso.com
  4. Investigate and resolve the problem. Most likely, the domain controller that's hosting the domain is not running or is not in the network.


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