How to activate and assign Office 365 (E3) internal-use rights licenses


The Microsoft Office 365 E3 internal-use rights (IUR) benefit allows Microsoft partners to internally use and learn Microsoft’s latest cloud technology. This internal access helps partners sell cloud solutions more effectively to their customers. With Office 365 (E3) IUR, partners can use Microsoft Office applications, Office for tablets, business-class email, web conferencing, presence, IM, enterprise social, and more. 

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More Information

New partners:
Please begin by signing up for a Microsoft Action Pack subscription or earning either a silver or gold competency. (You may also learn how to earn Office 365 (E3) internal-use rights benefits from the Microsoft Partner Network programs here.)

Existing partners:
Use the following directions to help you get started right after you renew your Competency or Action Pack subscription. (This process is required every time you renew your subscriptions annually)

A. Activate Office 365 (E3) IUR on an online tenant:
  1. Go to the Microsoft Partner Digital Download Portal (
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live account) currently assigned administrator rights.
  3. Select the Microsoft Online Services section.

  4. Click Microsoft Office 365.

  5. Expand to view the product key(s) applicable to your program membership.

  6. Copy the 25 digit token code BEFORE you go to the next step. (You will need this information.)

  7. Select the link at the bottom of the page (in the Special Instructions area) and navigate to the Microsoft Office 365 key redemption portal.

  8. If you are an existing partner who would like to activate your Office 365 product key(s) on your existing online tenant, please sign in BEFORE you activate your Office 365 product key(s). Each product key may ONLY be activated ONCE. 

    Once a product key has been activated for online tenant seats, those seats CANNOT be moved to another online tenant.

  9. To activate an Office 365 product key on a newly created online tenant, click the check box and then click Start.

  10. Take the 25 digit token code that you copied from step #6 and enter that in the Product key box. Then click Next.

  11. Select done adding product keys.

  12. Click Start step 2.
    Enter all required information, then click continue.

  13. Click start using Office 365.

B. Add a new user and assign an Office 365 (E3) license
  1. At the Office 365 admin center, click Users, then Active Users, and then click the + symbol.

  2. Fill in all required details, enter the email where the password will be sent, select the specific license for this user, and then click Create.

  3. You have now created a new user account for your employee, and have assigned an Office 365 license to this user. Make sure you let the user know that they now have an Office 365 license so that they can start using Microsoft’s latest cloud technology!

You can also find step-by-step instructions in this video.

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