Where do I Update my Payment Information During the Enrolment Phase


This article describes the steps to be followed while creating a Payment Profile in Partner Incentives Experience platform.

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In order to create a Payment profile, follow below steps:

1.       Click the Payment Profilelink on the enrollment page

2.        Under the Details heading, enter payment profile details such as:

·         Profile name (a unique name to identify the Payment profile)

·         Bank account location (the country in which the bank is located)

·         Disbursement currency (the currency in which Microsoft will send payment to you)

·         Payment method (the method used by Microsoft to send the payment to you)

3.        Click Nextto save and continue

4.        Under the Bank Account heading: In this screen you will have to enter your Bank Identifier Number (IBAN/SWIFT/BIC or equivalent)

5.        Click Next when you have done this, and the associated bank account information is displayed

6.        Click Next to save these details and continue.

7.       Under the Beneficiary heading, enter you bank beneficiary information.

8.       Click Finishto save these details

At this point your Payment profile creation is complete. While the Payment profile status is being validated, your status will be marked as Pending Microsoft Action. Validation can take up to 48 hours.

9.       Click Confirmto proceed back to the enrollment page.


·         At least one payment profile is required per enrollment.

·         The disbursement currency selected is the currency in which your payments will be issued.

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