How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses


See the steps below to learn how to activate your Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses.

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Activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses:
  1. Go to the Microsoft Partner Digital Download Portal.
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) that is associated to your Microsoft Partner Network membership and is currently assigned administrator rights.
  3. Select the Microsoft Online Services section.

  4. From the product list, select Microsoft Azure.

  5. On the Obtain cloud benefit page, click the Special instructions link.

  6. Under the Your Microsoft Azure benefit entitlement area, click Activate this benefit.

    Please note that in cases where a partner has multiple benefits of the same value, the benefit must be activated with separate Microsoft account IDs.

  7. Complete the Sign up page by filling in the required fields. Payment information is required, but you will not be charged anything without your consent. If you reach the limit of your monthly internal-use rights benefit, you will be notified before any charges are applied.


For additional guidance, you can also watch the How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses video.

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