Exchange Command-Line Parameters for the Isinteg.exe Tool


You can use the Isinteg.exe tool to check and to fix the integrity of the information store databases including the private information store, Priv.edb, and the public information store, Pub.edb.

More Information

To view the command-line help about usage of Isinteg.exe, type the following command line from a command prompt:

c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>isinteg /?

Microsoft Exchange Information Store Integrity Checker v6.0.4417.0
Copyright (c) 1986-2000 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

isinteg -s ServerName [-fix] [-verbose] [-l logfilename] -test testname[[, testname]...]

-s ServerName

-fix check and fix (default - check only)

-verbose report verbosely

-l filename log file name (default - .\isinteg.pri/pub)

-t refdblocation (default - the location of the store)

-test testname,...
folder message aclitem mailbox(pri only) delfld acllist

rcvfld(pri only) timedev rowcounts attach morefld ooflist(pri only)

global searchq dlvrto

peruser artidx(pub only) search newsfeed(pub only) dumpsterprops

Ref count tests: msgref msgsoftref attachref acllistref aclitemref

newsfeedref(pub only) fldrcv(pri only) fldsub dumpsterref

Groups tests: allfoldertests allacltests

isinteg -dump [-l logfilename] (verbose dump of store data)
To run Isinteg.exe to fix and to check the integrity of the information store, run the following line from a command prompt:

c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests
For example:

exchsrvr\bin\isinteg -s server1 -fix -test alltests
NOTE: You need to first start the information store service and dismount the databases; you can only check databases that are offline.


Databases for server SERVERNAME:
Only databases marked as Offline can be checked (In this case only 1-Mailbox Store (SERVERNAME) can be checked).

Index Status Database-Name

Storage Group Name: First Storage Group

1 Offline Mailbox Store (SERVERNAME)

2 Online Public Folder Store (SERVERNAME)

3 Online Second Mailbox Store

Enter a number to select a database or press Return to exit