Unexpected length of synchronization intervals for provisioning and Active Directory replication in MMSSPP 2013 in Office 365 dedicated/ITAR


When you synchronize for provisioning and Active Directory replication in Microsoft Managed Services Service Provisioning Provider (MMSSPP) 2013 in Microsoft Office 365 dedicated/ITAR, the length of synchronization intervals is unexpected, or synchronizations seem to be uncoordinated.


This behavior is by design. In MMSSPP 13.1 and earlier versions, some objects didn’t sync for a long time because the process restarted every 30 minutes regardless of synchronization success. In MMSSPP 2013, all objects are synchronized during each job run. Each synchronization tries to synchronize all the objects in the queue, and there is a 30-minute interval between each synchronization cycle.


If you consistently see synchronization or provisioning times that are longer than one to two hours, you should escalate to Microsoft Online Services Support and include detailed descriptions of the affected objects.

Article ID: 3030431 - Last Review: Feb 3, 2016 - Revision: 1