[SDP 3] [f0fc366d-d20d-4606-a0e9-1d8787336906] PerfView Diagnostic

Applies to: .NET Framework 4.5


PerfView is a performance analysis tool focusing on ETW information (ETL files) as well as CLR memory information (heap dumps).

More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a machine when running the PerfView Diagnostic.

Information Collected

ETL Files along with available symbols & Activity Log

DescriptionFile Name
Event Tracing for Windows (ETL file extenstion) along with symbol info. {ApplicationName}{TimeStamp}{Mode}.etl
Available symbols for the application and dependent modules*.pdb
PerfView Activity logPerfViewLogFile.txt

Additional Information

In additional to the files collected and listed above, this troubleshooter can detect one or more of the following situations:
  • Operating system name.
  • Time zone.
  • Last Reboot/Uptime.
  • Anti-Malware installed.
  • User Account Control setting.
  • Username logged on during data gathering.
  • Computer Model.
  • Processor information.
  • Computer domain name.
  • Computer domain role.
  • Physical memory.
  • Process summary.
  • Top memory usage statistics.


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