You cannot import an image with a scanner or a camera that uses the TWAIN drivers in Office

Gilt für: Microsoft Office Excel 2003Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003Microsoft Office Word 2003


When you click Insert to insert an image into one of the Microsoft Office programs that are listed in the "Applies to" section from a camera or scanner that is using the manufacturer-supplied drivers, the operation does not work, and you receive the following error message:
 "An error occurred while acquiring the image" or "An error occurred while importing this file"
Additionally, the Office program stops responding (hangs).


To resolve this issue, select Custom Insert when you use a scanner or camera that uses manufacturer-supplied or TWAIN drivers to obtain an image or to initiate automatic scanning.

After the manufacturer-supplied application starts, and you preview the picture, you must select the
Return to Microsoft Word (or another Office application) option under File or Scan in order to quit the application and have the image inserted into Word or into another Office application.

More Information

In the Office programs that are listed in the "Applies to" section, if you point to Picture on the Insert menu and then click From scanner or camera, the Insert picture from scanner or cameradialog box appears. This dialog box contains the options Insert and Custom Insert.

Insert, the default selection, is used with Windows Imaging Acquisition (WIA) drivers. The Insert button uses the Scanner and Camera Wizard to obtain the image and insert it into the Office program.

You must use the Custom Insert button to use the manufacturer-supplied application that corresponds to a device that uses a manufacturer-supplied or TWAIN driver.