"Create online meeting failed" error when the Lync add-in is managed by Group Policy

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When you try to create an online meeting in Microsoft Outlook while you're running either Lync 2013 or Lync 2010, you receive one of the following error messages.

Outlook 2010

Create online meeting failed. Please make sure that Lync is running and signed-in and try again.

Lync 2010 Error

Outlook 2013

Create Lync Meeting failed. Please make sure that Microsoft Lync is running and signed-in and try again.


This issue occurs when the following conditions are true:

  • You are using the Block all unmanaged add-ins (Outlook) Group Policy setting to manage the list of enabled add-ins.
  • Lync 2013 or Lync 2010 is one of the enabled add-ins in the list of managed add-ins.
  • Microsoft VBA for Outlook is not on the list of enabled add-ins in the list of managed add-ins.


To resolve this problem, add the ProgID (Microsoft.VBAAddinForOutlook.1) for the Microsoft VBA for Outlook add-in to the enabled add-in list of managed add-ins through the Group Policy Editor.

To update an existing policy that's configured to manage add-ins for Outlook, follow these steps:
  1. Start the Group Policy Editor.
  2. Under User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates to locate the policy node for your template. When you use the Outlk15.admx template, this node is named Microsoft Outlook 2013.
  3. Under Miscellaneous, double-click List of managed add-ins.

  4. Under Options, Click Show.

  5. In the Shows Contents dialog box, add Microsoft.VBAAddinForOutlook.1, and then enter a value of 1.

  6. Click OK for the rest of the dialog boxes.
At this point, the policy setting will be applied on your Outlook client computers when the Group Policy update is replicated.