"Error Code 800706D3" occurs when you perform an Agent push installation to Windows Server 2012-based servers


When you push a Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager agent from a Windows Server 2012-based management server to a Windows Server 2012-based agent server, you receive the following error message:

The Operations Manager Server failed to open service control manager on computer server2012agent.contoso.local. Therefore, the Server cannot complete configuration of agent on the computer.

Operation: Agent Install 
Install account: contoso\scom_admin 
Error Code: 800706D3
Error Description: The authentication service is unknown.

Additionally, when you try to connect to the Services console of the agent, the connection is unsuccessful, and you receive the following error message:

Windows was unable to open service control manager database on server2012agent.Error 1747: The authentication service is unknown.

When you perform a network trace, the trace shows the following:

6627 14:53:40 12-03-2015 MSRPC MSRPC:c/o Bind: scmr(SCMR) UUID{367ABB81-9844-35F1-AD32-98F038001003}   6630 14:53:40 12-03-2015 MSRPC MSRPC:c/o Bind Nack:  Call=0x2  Reject Reason: authentication_type_not_recognized


This problem may occur if the agent server has the DNS client service stopped and disabled. In this case, frequent DNS cache corruption may occur.


To resolve this problem, turn on the DNS client service.

More Information

Microsoft hasn't tested the functionality of authentication and other operating system components when the DNS client service is turned off. DNS is the primary name resolution method for any application, and the DNS client service is responsible for maintaining the client cache. Turning off the DNS client service might not break name resolution directly, but nothing will be cached. Other components that depend on these services will stop working.

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