Visual Studio 2015 setup: Third-party dependencies

Applies to: Visual Studio Enterprise 2015Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows DesktopVisual Studio Express 2015 for Web More


This article discusses the third-party applications that are required when you install Cross Platform Mobile Development toolsfrom Visual Studio 2015. If you installed Cross Platform Mobile Development features, you must use additional third-party software to work with those projects. For the dependencies between Visual Studio tools and third-party applications, see the "More Information" section.

More Information

Third-party softwareLets you ...Required by Cross Platform Mobile Development for “C#/.NET (Xamarin)”Required by Cross Platform Mobile Development for “HTML/JavaScript (Apache Cordova)”Required by Cross Platform Mobile Development for “Visual C++ Mobile Development”
Android NDKDevelop native dynamic shared libraries, static libraries, and native-activity applications for the Android platform.YesNoYes
Android SDKBuild and create packages for the Android platform.YesYesYes
Apache AntCreate deployment packages for different platforms.NoYesYes
Git CLIDownload and use custom plug-ins.NoYesNo
Joyent Node.jsDownload and manage dependent packages.NoYesNo
Oracle Java Development KitPerform the build steps for Android.NoYesNo
Websocket4NetEnable debugging on Windows 7 computers.NoYesNo